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1 Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Qom University of Technology, Qom, Iran

2 Department of electrical and computer Engineering, Qom university of Technology, Qom, Iran


This paper proposes a novel high step-up converter suitable for distributed generation using renewable power sources. The proposed converter includes a dual switches structure, two voltage multiplier cells and a three-windings coupled inductor for achieving high voltage gain. The configuration of the proposed converter not only reduces the voltage and current stresses of the switches, but also restricts the input source current, which reduces transmission losses and increases the lifetime of the input source. In the proposed converter, the multiplier cells are charged during the switch-on and switch-off periods, which cause to enhance the voltage gain of the converter and improve its productivity. Another feature of the proposed converter is that the inductive leakage energy of the coupled inductor is recycled through a passive clamping circuit which, in turn, has a considerable impact on system efficiency. A comparison is conducted between the performance of the proposed converter and the counterpart converters to demonstrate the proposed converter’s superiority in terms of voltage gain, voltage stress across the switches and diodes and number of components. Theoretical analysis and simulation results are provided to demonstrate the authenticity of the proposed converter.


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