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1 Electrical Engineering Department, Shahid Sattari Aeronautical University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

2 power, electrical engineering, Iran university of science and Theology, Tehran, Iran


The AC/DC converter is one of the popular power electronic converters in industrial applications such as in the railway, power supply systems and electric vehicle. In this paper, a three-phase controllable rectifier is considered and its linear model is extracted. Because of MPC controllers benefits, the continuous control set model predictive controller (CCs-MPC) is designed for controlling this rectifier output DC voltage. By considering rectifier dynamic response, the suitable criteria to choice the model predictive controller parameters such as sampling time, prediction horizon and control horizon is proposed. In experimental implantation the computing burden of microcontroller is limit therefore the reaching to optimal and minimum complexity in algorithms implantation is vital problem. In other words by using these proposed criteria for selection of sample time, prediction and control horizon the tradeoff between computational burden, system performance and dynamic stability is made. When using designed MPC controller, the rectifier and grid performance such as total harmonic distribution (THD), power factor (PF) and output voltage ripple have acceptable value. This controller can eliminated the effect of heavy load change on rectifier performance which is very common problem in indusial system. Also, this controller stability guaranteed is checked by using the dual-mode method. The simulation results are validated by using MATLAB software and showing the designed controller performance.


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