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In this paper, a fault location approach is presented by using Whale Optimization Algorithm (WOA) strategy in two terminal transmission feeder. Also, Grey wolf Optimization (GWO) method is discussed. From both ends, affording the preparatory data for proposed strategies voltages and currents from both ends are measured. Several types of faults and simulations are considered in this paper and the objective function identifies the fault location with a high accuracy, correctness in a short time. Meanwhile, based on distributed model the line, the fault location is defined and since the optimization algorithm do not utilize compressed model of the line, the accuracy of the calculation is high. WOA based optimization method results in a notable reduction in the computational time. Accurate and timely location of the source of the fault greatly facilitates the job of the repair crew. This is the benefit of the proposed technique. Almost in all the cases, the accuracy of proposed procedure is very high and the error is kept below 1%.


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