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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz, Iran


In this paper, a new topology of switched-inductor/capacitor quasi impedance source inverter is suggested, which in comparison with the other topologies possesses higher boost voltage inversion at high modulation index and low shoot through duty cycle. Also, this topology has features like continuous input current, common ground between the input source and the inverter bridge and, low shoot-through current. To express the proposed topology properties, it is compared experimentally in similar conditions relative to the Enhances Boost quasi Z-Source inverter (EB-qZSI). Similar to the EB-QZSI, because of the presence of a series inductor with input voltage source, the inrush current at start-up is limited in the proposed topology. Also, the low voltage stress on the capacitors and the low current ripple of the inductors and the input source are other advantages. Due to the lower number of diodes in the proposed inverter, the efficiency is higher compared to the EB-qZSI inverter. The performance of the proposed topology is confirmed with MATLAB/SIMULINK software. The results of simulation and experimental validate the theoretical analysis of the proposed topology. The experimental results validate the simulation results and there is a good agreement between the simulation results and the experimental results.


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