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Department of Electrical and Power Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Lorestan University, Khorramabad, Iran


A single-phase distributed generation (DG) sources embedded in three-phase microgrids develop with a fast-paced trend, it is important to make use of suitable power sharing strategies among multiple DGs and utilizing the power generation of these units to the full capacity. This paper presents an innovative sliding mode-based power control strategy for microgrids. The multi-bus microgrid consists of three-phase DG units that are two photovoltaic (PV) array, and three single-phase DG units including PV, battery and fuel cell (FC). The dynamic modeling of all DGs is based on voltage source inverter (VSI). One of the three-phase DGs is responsible for frequency and voltage control, and the other one for current control. The single-phase DGs are controlled based on the three-phase DGs. Finally, the voltage and power control operations are implemented in a per-unit system. The proposed control strategy has a fast response and the ability to trace a reference signal with a low steady-state error compared with the PI controller; moreover, it provides the accurate active and reactive power sharing among energy units under various loading and fault conditions along with robustness against the microgrid parameters. Additionally, the ability to maintain the dc-link voltage and frequency constant is another feature of this controller.


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